Spray Adhesive

Price: 8.00€


Ambersil NC 500 Non-Chlorinated Spray Adhesive - A 500ml aerosol spray adhesive that is perfect for fixing and bonding a wide range of materials. The product has been formulated without Methylene Chloride or other chlorinated solvents. It will provide high-strength bonds in many different areas.

It has a high strength formulation and a longer open bond time which allows large areas to be covered before film dries. It is also economical with a good coverage and is free from chlorinated solvents.

Applications include: Fabrics (inc. Pool/Snooker table cloth), Carpets, Flooring, Paper, Rubber, Plastics, Fabrics, Foam, Card, Wood, Metals, Hessian, Cork and Felt.

Price is 8€ per 500ml aerosol can.

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