Exterior Fabric

Price: Call for Price


We stock a large and various range of Exterior Fabrics for all uses - perfect for Spain! The use of our Exterior Fabrics includes for furniture on terraces and garden furniture, boats, sunbeds, and much more. It has been specifically designed for furniture which is kept outside or in direct sunlight.

The Exterior/Outside Fabric we stock complies with the following qualities.

  1. Top UPF protection +50
  2. Soil resistant, mould-resistant, oil and water repellant with a Pymagard finish
  3. Becomes more resistant with outdoor exposure
  4. High washing fastness
  5. 100% acrillic fibre dy dralon

Our Exterior Fabric is sold by the metre from a roll which is 160cm wide.
Prices start from 24€ per metre.

Our Exterior Fabric range is vast and comes in many colours and styles so we would ask that you contact us directly for prices and specific requirements.

We are currently only accepting orders via phone or email so please contact us if you would like to purchase this product.

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