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Our Budget Foam is a lower grade of foam which is suitable for more temporary uses plus headboards, packaging, etc. Suitable for all types of seating and firmer back cushions and firmer mattresses.

We specialise in cutting foam to your specific dimensions but we also sell our Budget Foam in a range of popular sizes. See the table below for a list of the most popular sizes/thicknesses and the corresponding prices.

Don't forget to see our How to Measure page for detailed measuring instructions.

Thicknesses (right)
Sizes (below)
2.5cm (1")4cm (1.5")5cm (2")8cm (3")10cm (4")13cm (5")
40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")1.75€2.62€3.50€5.24€7.00€8.75€
46cm x 46cm (18" x 18")2.25€3.38€4.50€6.75€9.00€11.25€
50cm x 50cm (20" x 20")2.78€4.17€5.56€8.34€11.12€13.90€
55cm x 50cm (22" x 20")3.06€4.59€6.12€9.18€12.24€15.30€
60cm x 60cm (24" x 24")4.00€6.00€8.00€12.00€16.00€20.00€
92cm x 60cm (36" x 24")6.00€9.00€12.00€18.00€24.00€30.00€
200cm x 46cm (79" x 18")9.88€14.80€19.76€29.60€38.00€45.00€
200cm x 60cm (79" x 24")13.10€19.00€26.20€37.00€50.00€60.00€

We offer the following options to improve the look and feel of your cushions:

Fibre Wraps
Fibre WrapIf your existing cushions were previously filled with either feathers or fibre filling we would strongly recommend a Fibre Wrap. As well as adding comfort this also helps retain the shape of your cushions. The process entails wrapping your chosen foam in a fibre covering and then putting a stockinette cover on top of that. This will give your cushions a much rounder and plumper look.

Price per chosen size: 9.75€

Stockinette Undercovers
Alternatively we would recommend Stockinette Undercovers for your new cushions as this will stop any creasing of your covers as well as making it much easier to remove and insert your cushions.

Price per chosen size: 4.00€

We are currently only accepting orders via phone or email so please contact us if you would like to purchase this product.

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